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Our Services

At Quintero General Contractor Corp we provide an outstanding personalized contracting services that cater to every budget, so you are sure to find the solutions you need. Take a look below to see our services and what we can do for you today.



Our projects are addressed  on a design-build approach meaning all responsibilities converge on one single point, the design -builder.  From planning, design, engineering and budgeting to construction. Because of the bond created with our clients during the process, our services often go beyond delivery and remain responsible for the asset maintenance during the operation of the facility.

Our Process

You got an idea and don’t know where to start ?

No problem, we can help you to make it happen and this is how we do it.

Preconstruction Design

First, we get to know you. We gather your ideas for the project and understand your requirements. We come up with the planning, and that is when things start to take shape.

Design & Construction Estimate

A graphic image of the idea is presented at this point accompanied by an estimate of the cost and a schedule.

On-Site Consultations

Next, we obtain the construction permits and begin the project! Any adjustment, any change will be done with you as part of the team.

The Finishing

We are getting  to the finish line! Everything is reviewed, and quality ensured. This is when we pass on the final product to you. Now you can take pride in your realized dream project and celebrate!


Create your dream project.
Tell us about it today.

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